laks youth kayak programs

junior development training program - this winter

For all those youth who want to stay active in their boat this Winter, LAKS will continue to offer a paddling program this Winter. What we will do from day to day will depend on current conditions,
- on warm days we'll be paddling on the river at the Feeder, Little Falls, and Great Falls,
- some weekend days we will head up to the Dickerson Course (where the water is warmed as it passes through the power plant),
- when it's cold we'll meet in the David Taylor Model basin for flatwater and slalom practice indoors
- in the Mark Twain swimming pool for rolling practice Friday after school if you need to work on your roll
- when there is water, we will head out for a river that is running
all these boating activities will build your strength, boat control, experience in white water, and skill development.
Geoff Calhoun, US Wildwater Team Champion and Nate Poberaj US Slalom Team member, will be coaching and holding the workouts. Tom McEwan will lead the trips.
the cost is $30 per session, or $160 for six
If you are interested in joining this program and would like to get your name on the list for the David Taylor Model Basin, please email me the following information. All will have to be members of BCE (for an extra cost of $50, if you are not already a member).

See, live and breath the outdoors, on the river. Learn to surf, boof, splat, and toss ends. If you are healthy, like to be active, and crave to immerse yourself in the sport of kayaking, this program is for you.

As you learn about the river, you will also learn about yourself and what you can be capable of. This program is for those who have been introduced to kayaking, but would like to get a full experience of the sport.

LAKS kayaking programs are designed, supervised, and led by Tom McEwan and a talented staff. Tom is a long time devotee and coach of white water sport. Staff is ACA Kayak and Red Cross Certified.


summer weeks of kayaking

six weeks in june and july

int. and adv. levels

max. of 6 persons per week.

week 1: intermediate, june 27 - july 1

week 2: advanced, july 4 - july 8

week 3: intermediate, july 11 - 15

week 4: advanced, july 18 - 22

week 5: intermediate, july 25 - 29

week 6: advanced, aug. 1 - 5

The cost of $525 per week covers transportation from a central meeting point near Cabin John, MD, all food and camping for the week, and and leadership.

You can register from the link above. Fill out the form and submit. Pay by check, by Paypal or call the office to leave a credit card number.

Summer Camp Equipment List


other youth programs:


fridays after school

rolling: jan. - apr. at the mark twain school

river workouts may - june sept. - oct. 3:00 pm at anglers

weekend trips in west virginia

may - october.

west va. spring trip mar. 27 - ap. 1

colorado trip june 18 - 25

canada trip aug. 13 - 19

mexico trip dec. 25 - jan. 2



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