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Kayak Station
Immersion Research
Adventure School—Rock climbing site that includes adventure programs, guided trips, first aid courses, climbing equipment, clothes, and clubs.


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newsgroups & websites newsgroup
USA Canoe Kayak website: USACK is the national governing body for canoe and kayak racing in the United States.
American Whitewater: The mission of American Whitewater is to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.
Bethesda Center of Excellence: A United States Whitewater Canoe & Kayak Team Training Center

gauge information
U.S. geographical survey realtime water data: a lot of information
AWA river level page: contains links to other gauge sites
Riverbot: current gauge data report
Virginia District Real-Time Streamflow Data

Canoe and Kayak
Wavelength Paddling Magazine
Kayaking Crazy: categorized resource directory for everything about kayaking.

kayak manufacturers
Fluid Kayaks

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