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Whether you’are a first-time paddler or a long-time enthusiast, Liquid Adventures offers kayak classes and trips that will increase your fun and expand your skills. We will take you out on perhaps the broadest selection of activities in the Washington, DC area. We invite you to join us for a single class, a package or a trip. Everything just seems much better on the water!

beginner progressive
learning package (PLP)
beginner to advanced beginner river classes
rolling classes on the river
self-rescue/rescue class
indoor pool rolling

intermediate (ALL)
intermediate progressive learning package (PLP)
stroke technique workout
chutes workout
Intermediate and strong intermediate river classes
intro to playboating
indoor pool rolling and rodeo

slalom stroke workout
dickerson workouts
rodeo workout

ACA advanced swiftwater
rescue course


ACA kayak instructor
certification course

ACA advanced swiftwater
rescue course

Recreational Program Staff Training

private lessons
group lessons, parties,
and corporate outings

Adventure Challenge

skills level guidelines - where to begin

As a Beginner, you have little to no experience in a kayak. If the term "wet exit is unfamiliar to you, you are a beginner. You are ready to have fun, get wet and follow our friendly, experienced instructors out on flat and easy moving water, learning basic strokes and maneuvers.

You qualify as an Advanced Beginner if you have already tried paddlesports (river kayaking or sea kayaking) and are comfortable executing smooth wet exits. You have been introduced to, but haven't mastered, the basic strokes, river maneuvers and kayak roll. An Advanced Beginner will be working on a moving water roll and mastering eddy turns, peel outs and ferrying, maneuvering around and leaning into rocks. These classes offer a good starting point to our programs if you have had some instruction elsewhere. 
An Intermediate has a fairly consistent roll on flatwater and is working to improve her roll in more turbulent water.  An strong Intermediate is practicing maneuvering in big and powerful class III whitewater -- for instance the rapids between O-Deck and Rocky Island on the Potomac at around 3' -- and is comfortable on the Shenandoah at medium levels.

An Advanced boater has a decent combat roll, can paddle class III rapids in control, and is comfortable running the Lower Yough.  An Advanced boater is ready to paddle Dickerson, working on class IV skills such as those needed for the Cheat, Gauley, New Rivers, and eventually the Upper Yough.

Rivers of greater difficulty than the Upper Yough fall into the Expert (class V) range.  We occasionally organize Expert trips for staff and a few guests to Great Falls of the Potomac, West Virginia, Mexico and other destinations.  If you are interested in finding out more about these trips, please call to discuss.

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We maintain a student to instructor ratio of 5:1 for all of our classes, and 4:1 for pool rolling classes and trips. We also offer customized private and group lessons. Paddling is a great setting for parties or office outings.
Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to class start time – the sooner we get into our gear, the more time we can spend on the water!
Classes run rain-or-shine, but we may need to postpone outdoor classes in the event of electrical storms. We will notify you if this is the case. We require 48 hours notice of cancellation in order to rescedule your class. Please see our cancellation policy or call us if you have any questions.
We provide all equipment for most of our river classes, clinics and workouts. Please see our equipment and rental policy for exceptions and details. Please consult our list of what to bring to class to ensure you're prepared for all classes.
To sign up for a class, please use the online registration system.

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what to bring to class
We provide the following equipment for most regular river classes, clinics and workouts.  Really, this is all you need for your class. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.
PFD (life vest)
Spray jacket

You do not need to purchase special clothing.  You should wear synthetic, fast-drying clothing or swimsuits.  If conditions are sunny, you may wish to cover your shoulders.  You are sure to get wet, so you may wish to bring a towel in addition to some dry clothing to change into.

Other optional items people like to bring include:

  • Noseplugs
  • Sunscreen
  • River shoes or booties
  • Water bottle
  • Layer of warm (synthetic) clothing

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equipment and rental policy
Playboats:  By prior arrangement, you can demo a playboat from the Springriver Corporation. Use of these boats is free of charge. We require 48 hours notice to ensure our ability to bring the boat you’d like to class.
PLP gear rental:  We encourage our PLP students to immerse themselves in kayaking for the duration of their package. Students who have the ability to take a boat home with them between classes for the month are welcome to do so. Students who choose this option will be asked for an additional charge of $50 / month along with agreeing to pay for any loss or damage of equipment by signing our rental agreement policy. For this fee, students can borrow the boat for the entire month of the program. Compared to local rental rates, this is a good value option for students who wish to practice outside of class.

Intermediate and Advanced classes:  Generally, students reaching Intermediate or Advanced classes have already acquired the necessary gear. As a result, we don’t typically arrange to bring equipment. If you require equipment for these classes, we can provide what you need at a rate of $15 / day.
Overnight trips:  Generally, students joining us on our overnight river trips provide their own equipment. You're welcome to rent (full set) our equipment at $15 a day and $10 a day for more than 2 (two) days.

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cancellation policy

The Small Print - very important

To provide excellent instruction in every class, we need to maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio and to tailor classes to match the skill levels of students. Our cancellation policy allows us to pre-plan every class.

Classes run rain or shine. This is probably the only sport for which it doesn't matter if you get rained on!  In the unlikely event of an electrical storm, we will either sit out the storm or make the decision to cancel the class beforehand, in which case the class will be rescheduled.
We are unable to provide refunds for last minute cancellations, but if given 48 hours notice, we can provide a credit towards a future class. In order to be eligible for a credit, we require a full 48 hours notice for a cancellation for all of our classes. Cancellation for a weekend class (Saturday or Sunday) must be advised by 10:00 a.m. on the Thursday prior to the class.

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