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The calendar contains our extensive schedule for the coming months. You will leave the Liquid Adventures site to view the calendar, but be sure to use your back button on your browser to return to the classes or trips pages for details and to the registration page to sign up.

We try to update this calendar weekly, but changing river conditions and our constant efforts to meet student needs means that changes may occur as your class date approaches. Please check this calendar 24 hours prior to your class (48 hours for weekends) and call our office if weather or river levels seem to be a concern. We will email or call students if a last-minute location or time arises due to river conditions.

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The Liquid Adventures seasons
You can enjoy kayaking lessons and trips year-round with Liquid Adventures. In winter we retreat to the indoor pool for rolling practice while dozens of adventurous souls escape to the rivers of Mexico. March and April are the best months for experienced paddlers to hit the swollen rivers of West Virginia and to train for the Cheat Downriver Race. Come May, with its warming temperatures, we kick off our river classes and month-long PLPs.

All summer long, the fun never ends: every weekend and most weeknights we offer a wide variety of playboat classes, slalom workouts and weekend trips. In late August we head up to the refreshing waters of Canada. Autumn brings its own flavor for local paddlers, with great trips to dam-released rivers like the Gauley. November and December offer perfect weather for you to develop advanced skills in the heated waters of the Dickerson artificial course or the indoor pool. And just in time, too—we’re heading back to Mexico again next year!

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